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People-oriented: Emphasis is on respect for people, to develop people as resources, all management activities start from human nature, let employees share the development results of enterprises, and let employees and enterprises develop together. 

The quantity is applicable: respect the difference of people, use its strengths, optimize human resources, and make the best use of talents. Respect for differences in people's abilities, people with different contributions have different rewards, responsibilities, powers and interests, abilities, contributions and rewards are symmetrical, and responsibilities, powers and interests are symmetrical. 

 Innovation beyond: continuous learning and progress, new changes in the new situation, maintaining and developing the gains that have been made. 

Common development: Each joined employee provides a platform to create a development space and create a harmonious development model of “employee takes the company as a big family” and “common development and benefit sharing”. 

The idea of talent introduction: the only talent is to promote, both ability and political integrity; not seeking better, but seeking more appropriate.introduction 

The idea of talent cultivating philosophy: Lifelong learning attitude, with talented people, but also with people who are willing to learn, training employees in all aspects and from multiple angles. 

Growth idea: broaden employee development channels and plan employee careers. 

 The idea of talent using: people are suitable for their jobs, they have their own jobs, and they do their best to make the best use of them. 

The idea of resource management philosophy: Recognize people's needs, value people's values, develop people's potential, and encourage people's creation.