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Quality System(QS)

Quality System(QS)

Fujian Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of qualified quality with the professional spirit of integrity, honesty, innovation and responsibility. On the premise of standardized management and guaranteeing the qualified quality of drugs, starting from the production and research, the company has invested heavily and continuously to ensure the safety and effectiveness of products.

Operating Mechanism

The company has established a set of work standards, a number of management systems and post responsibility systems. Standardized management of all work in production.

The good economic benefit and development situation of enterprises provide important guarantee for scientific research and development, to ensure the continuous increase of enterprise's investment in science and technology, the smooth implementation of technological innovation projects and the leading technology level in domestic industries.

Reuse of Scientific and Technological Talents

The company establishes a development strategy committee with the national 1000-person plan talent team as the core, and achieves long-term strategic partnership with well-known R&D companies in Shanghai and Beijing.